SuiteSoundPro is a leader in the music scene for high end mixing, mastering and production services for independent artists, bands and record companies. Steve Milne is the SuiteSoundPro - Owner / Producer. He is also a highly sought after - Piano / Keyboard Player, Arranger and Programmer. 

New keyboard rig for the 2018 Daniel O'Donnell World Tour

MOTU and SuiteSoundPro, with thanks to Blake Brandell, have assembled and built a new touring keyboard rig for the 2018 Daniel O'Donnell World Tour.

We have been using this custom built rig which will visit over 100 cites across the world. Pre-planning started back in mid 2015 when we began discussing the logistics of the upcoming tour. It became apparent very early on that we needed to have a reliable system in place that could handle the rigorous demands of such a big touring production. 

We are using four MOTU Ultralite AVB units which form the basis of a rock solid interface.

Ultralite AVB

They are all connected and networked with a MOTU AVB Switch.


An Ultralite AVB interfaces with a 13" MacBook Pro via USB, which then communicates through the AVB Switch with another Ultralite AVB that is set up side stage at the MonitorMix position. This runs the main system and also keeps the backup system in constant sync.

This connection is made with a single network cable which is capable of running up to 100 metres from the mixing source. As a result we are never limited by distance in any size venue we perform in.

The Ultralite AVB and its onboard software is extremely versatile.

The interface allows MIDI input from any of the keyboards to load patches and other samples from both A and B rigs.

Our Talk-to-Stage mic is inputted into the interface then routed back to the Monitor position. We are then able to run the in-ear-stage mix back to the Ultralite AVB for monitoring.

The live video system is also outputing through an Ultralite AVB on a 15" MacBook Pro. It networks with both systems through the AVB Switch. MIDI signal from the mixing console controls and changes all the video content while keeping everything locked in sync.

With the routing system set up in this way it allows us to take the stage rig Off-Line and work on any arrangements or edits wherever we are on the road.

At sound check the Ultralite AVB then reconnects to the system via the AVB Switch and away we go.

2017 Daniel O'Donnell World Tour Rig


Digital Performer 9 and MainStage, running alongside each other on a 13" MacBook Pro, drive the tracks and keyboard samples.

With a simple workflow this State-of-the-art system can handle any task quickly and efficiently.

Stephen Milne Musical Director


"I have been using MOTU software and hardware in the studio and on every tour since the early 90s. The stability and reliability right across the board - coupled with pristine high end audio and video quality - is essential in any live show. With DSP mixing, wi-fi control and audio networking MOTU has raised the bar even higher.”

    - Steve Milne (Producer, Arranger, Musical Director with Daniel O' Donnell)